Friday, 23 August 2013

Ok who is this NUDE beauty Queen?

Ladies, if your boyfriend/boyfriends tell you-Babe, am horny for you, send me yur nude picx or send something sexy, i Miss you so much!", just know this is where it will end.....It will so bounce back, not like we are not victims of this act,"some" of us sha but see where this has landed UNIZIK's beauty queen..
There are different sources to the gist of how this got to the net, some are of the view that she got into a misunderstanding with a male friend who shared her photos while another reportedly claim that her boyfriend leaked it because they had issues.
The notorious Queen is currently in Ghana and one wonders what she’ll be thinking by now because she’s trending for the wrong reason.

Be careful girls...there's no way you can revenge in this situation. It might just be one dirty rumor like that linked to her but there is an Atom of truth in every rumor.


  1. This is fucking madness, remove this rubbish pic, i've been on several blogs av never seen something like this, dey do corny dia pics and not going all this far, you're lucky my internet never browse yesterday....and when next you are blogging make sure that you remove this pics.

  2. why u dey vex for this blogger na! Abi d pictures dey move u?