Sunday, 9 June 2013


Good morning y'all, hope you slept well? This morning, am gonna briefly focus on the curriculum vitae format.

In University then, we were taught by Mr. Akere on how to write applications, cvs, resumes ad all of sorts and in today's requirements, a cv is not going to waste three or more papers, highest is two, WHY?! Because life is too short to be reading another person's achievements in 3pages, thanks to the HRs of nowadays.

A cv is a two paged summary of your Date of Birth,academic and detailed experience you have gained through the years. It also includes your Computer literacy, Languages Spoken,Publications/presentations(could be your project you did before leaving school), Career objective, Skills and Interests,  Referees. I repeat no time for the story of your life. Just three or four important details of your job experience.

NOTE: Make sure you start from the recent experience you had before you describe others, in better sense, dont start describing by ascending, describe by descending.e.g, 2013 bla bla bla ....2012 same thing till it completes your years of experience, same thing goes for your academic fill out.

Use Times New Roman, font 11.5....

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