Saturday, 8 June 2013


Its been crazy getting employed in Lagos nowadays. You meet People, go for interviews, get lucky, Summoned for your appointment letter, with so much excitement, go home rejoicing that you have gotten a job without opening the letter, some of us even call family and friends to come rejoice at a eat out and with so much excitement still not open the letter to check your pay.
Then after everyone has eaten and cleaned mouth and you are ready to give out the good news, a thought just goes" read it from the letter" then you read"
   Dear Mr EKENEDILICHUKWU MABUEZE, you have been appointed the job position of 
    secretarial duties to the Manager.....

 then you read further and you see that your pay is lesser than the bills you are going to pay at the fast food. You see 30,000 naira! Some even go ahead to put some change like 30.550 naira or 30, 766 naira. HOW UNFORTUNATE!

You see my dear, Life is UNFAIR to some that think it is. I had Lunch with my Friend today and he encouraged me, yes!am a jobless blogger who is tired of sending cvs online. Cvs with different formats, infact my mail have been hacked due to my cv exposure. If you find me on google, the firs thing you will see is one site that proves I was a desperate unemployed girl with little or no hope of starting something for myself. #sighs I take this blog like a diary, everybody's blogging, true that- but is everybody telling you the truth or encouraging you at least?

Well, this post isnt to rant about my pathetic self but to encourage you that nothing is too small to start with,  my boyfriend cant even give me 30k normally to take care of myself but can he give me that EXPOSURE when i start?! Think about it, even if you are the dumbest in the WORLD, think of the opportunities you have to meeting top people. 

Be intelligent, be real, they do not like high or lip services, they may just be your reason to leave the 30k job for something bigger. Exposure is what we need and if you have not been appointed after so many years, model, act, do what you are good at or just get a loan and start up a business.If you still depend on your dude's money or allowance from your PARENTS till now, please stop reading my BLOG!

Soon to come posts might be on CV writing and how to use your capital. STAY GLUED!!!

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