Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My top ten sexiest FEMALE CELEBRITIES

Here is my list of ten sexiest female celebrities in Nigeria(my thought) so ride with me on my boat and lets see the biggest fish.

My tenth will be… I just knew she was sexy recently sha so don’t eat me up on this one, am sure you will agree with me that EBUBE NWAGBO(ex- lover of Limpopo crooner, KC) is sexy, she try.

The ninth is the mother of four, an actress, director and singer.. you know who? O-MO-TO-LA!(35).

The Eighth is mother of one, singer and actress kate henshaw nuttal(41)

My 7th on the list is Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua, sizzling artist also known as Seyi shay.

Sixth is our very own Nigerian sweetheart, Tiwa savage(33). We don’t know how she looks without her false lashes but she’s giving us sexy sexy sexy everytime, she deserves this.

In between we have Genevieve Nnaji(34), an actress and ex-musician.  There’s this spark of sexy in her, she goes on well with her fashion, style and charisma.

The fourth position goes to Chika Ike whether low cut, natural hair or weave, this 28 year old lady dazzles me and it itches me to see her trends every time.


Stephanie Okereke (31) is one we don’t really talk about these days but she is drop dead sexy. Her natural beauty works well for me. She doesn’t have in excess, I would have given this position to Kate but ahahn Kate has collected so many praises in this position and above lol

The list is coming to an end now but there is something I want you to know about sexy. When we describe someone as sexy, we don’t only mean the looks, we consider how comfortable the person is with herself, the excitement when that person pops, how that person radiates sexuality(fashion wise), how interesting the person is-you know, even in bad situations, you still find that person attractive. So looking at number 2, I give it to Agbani Darego(31).

Unfortunately there is no number one sexy celebrity on my list. Am sorry I raised your hopes high LOL. You can share your thoughts.

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