Monday, 10 June 2013


I looked myself in the mirror today and said to myself "this week is blessed for me, i must be favored this week" I closely watched the way i opened and closed my mouth and am like "damn gurl!you have a fat face!" :( maybe what everybody says about my face is true, maybe not :/

I had an oval face, not really oval tho back then in school, it was beautiful, almost all hairstyles were good on me and people admired them, and made them but what they did not know was the fitting of those styles and confidence in wearing those hairstyles. Some of them found out that in making those styles i made, made them look worse than the regular.

Now what we need to do is know our face shapes, is it:


The shape of my face is ROUND and these are the hairstyles i mostly wear:

-Side paths with thick bangs.
 I love how the sides of my hair covers my cheeks for a lighter face shape and the bangs make my eyes standout and because of these, i strictly focus my makeup on my eyes using dark eyeliners and lips using dark lipstick colors.
- Short Hair
The sides of my hair are close to my face hiding my cheeks and the reduce the wideness of my cheeks, I apply my light blush color starting from the underneath my cheekbones blending upwards to my temples. I do not just apply my blush in circular motion on my cheeks because my face looks rounder with that.

I hardly braid my hair because of the risk in tearing and disfiguring my hairline so what i do when braiding if necessary is make sure the little hairs in my front hair is not braided. And for braids, i hold it in a pony tail form to prevent discomfort.
My make up this time is on my eyebrows,eyes and natural lip color.

Avoid straight hair because it accents a round face and remember to focus on your eyes..


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