Thursday, 20 June 2013

Ten reasons i take YOGHURT

These are the reasons I take yoghurt thrice in a week after my evening workout sessions.

- Boosts my immunity. At least, this month is my first of weekly intake of live- culture yoghurts sometimes i make do with the processed type along with water by my side.
-Decreases yeast infections. Ladies you know more about that.
-Great source of proteins easier to digest.
-Increase the absorption of minerals.
-Rich in calcium.
-Increases the absorption of B- vitamins.
-Easier to digest than milk.
-Cares for your intestine colon and avoids the risk of colon cancer.

Yoghurt is very healthy especially for people like me trying to keep in good shape both physical and internal. I make do with the pure ones when some of my peeps arrive Nigeria from Ghana and Togo so pick a brand today of the nicest yoghurt. Remember the bacteria in yoghurts are healthy and if you notice that your tummy rumbles after a cup, switch to another brand but too much of everything kills so draw out a table for your intake of yoghurts. 

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