Saturday, 15 June 2013

Workout for a well-structured BACKSIDE

I go to the open market nowadays especially Balogun and all I see is Butt and hip pads dangling in different shops, coming in different colors and sizes and I say to myself WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLLD!!
Imagine wasting money on body magic, girdle pants and those miserable pads when you can just get the look in three months of daily 20 mins workout! Its basically simple doing this at home, no stress but dedication. We may see Coco Austin and Kim having that large butt BUT why go all the way hiding those pant lines from those butt pad tights. This is what you should be focused on doing instead.
You need: a floor-mat, Dumbbells, workout kit, timer and water.
In a doggie-like position, grab a dumbbell with your left hand stretching it forward and simultaneously pushing your opposite leg backwards (right hand placed straight on the floor) like this:

 Do this for 40 seconds or 20 counts and apply with right hand, opposite leg, making 20counts again total of forty. Also, lower your body to the floor, chest touching your mat alongside your belly, extending your hands and legs so you appear straight on the floor. Slowly lift your chest, belly still on the floor(bending your spine)elbows creating a “W” shape behind you and legs up. As you do this, your eyes should focus on the floor, neck finely bent, chin facing your chest(20 counts). PUSH UP AND DOWN repeatedly 20 counts.
Then stand with your left leg in front and right at your back in a tip-toe style, hold your dumbbells on your left and right hand and go up and down 20counts making a slight curve when you are UP(by bending backwards) and when DOWN, keep a straight line from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. Make sure you do a 20 count.
Squats and sit ups are necessary too and all these will put pressure by contracting your hip and bum muscles in a well-structured shape. Don’t feel confident in false, let your assets speak for YOU :)

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