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Am not gay-an interview with son of popular actress, DOREEN OYESANYA

Hi wonderful LFRs. This is my first interview and with me today, Mr. Boye Oyesanya speaks on Nollywood, aspirations and maintains that he is not gay.
Mr. Boye is the son of renowned actress, Mrs. Doreen Oysesanya and I decided to have my first interview with him because the criticism he got from the streets made me wonder if he was who they said he was and how he has been able to deal with it. So enjoy
Good afternoon DARLING *side hug and perk* both sit comfortably annnnd ACTION!!
Whew! It really took us a while to get this done !!

-Tell us about yourself
My name is Boyenle David Oyesanya, I was born May 29.I am from Ogun state and errr I attended four different secondary schools but I graduated from St. Michaels’s Secondary School in Ogun State, Ibafo. I am the first born out of five children. That’s a “good” summary about myself. *rolls eye*

-What do you do?
Erm, am still a student trying to gain an admission into college in the USA, things might change, plans might change especially for the NYU ish, just cant wait tho *winks*

-What are your hobbies?
I love watching movies, dancing, singing and acting. That’s all!

-What type of movies do you watch?
High school and college movies, definitely not from Nigeria, you know they don’t do these High school and college series and stories here.

-What’s your say about Nollywood for the past 4years?
Nollywood  is growing  I must confess tho am not a fan of Nollywood movies*chuckles* don’t hate on me am serious, I DON’T WATCH Nollywood movies and always forced to watch my mum act, but actually can’t compare  Nollywood from 4years back to this time and definitely the way it is now is not the way it will be in years to come because everything is improving and you cannot also compare what is happening  now in the society to what happened 4 years ago, it’s a HUGE difference we all know and I must say sincerely I AM IMPRESSED.

-Has your mum ever bothered you about acting in Nollywood?
Yes she did bother my life! but I was against that idea because am not a fan and Nollywood is not really what I fit in but I think for me to get to Hollywood, Nollywood would be the kick-off, maybe?

-Where do you see yourself in 5years?
Mmm five years! Gotten myself out of college and probably working with a few Hollywood features because I’v always had a passion for Hollywood movies since I was very little and I think fashion is very cool, might want to build on that lane, O! dem skinny jeans, boots,skinny pants, Leather Jackets, Tight fitted T-shirts, I look so shapeless wearing borgous T-shirts so the tight ones work for me, I love fashion.

-So talking about or emphasizing on your type of fashion, some people might think you are gay, yes you wear them very skinny stuff and like some neighbors say, you act and talk like a girl. How have you been able to deal with talks?
People say all this, yes I do act and talk and infact walk like a girl, whoever can’t live with myself being me should probably jump in the volcano*ok that didn’t go well am sorry*, am just like its natural for me, I don’t even know when I act like what they think and whoever cant live with that, am sorry- we don’t fit! That is one of the reasons I don’t come out and associate with people nevertheless am more comfortable around girls, they love my company- I flow with them and this has been this way way back.
And for God’s sake, am not gay.

Your Role Model ,Celebrity crush and embarrassing moment
Jesus is my role model followed by my mum,she’s a strong woman…My celebrity crush- Blake Lively and embarrassing moment was when I pooed on my body because I had this phobia for pesky public toilets.

 Thank you for your time Boye
You are welcome.

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