Saturday, 13 July 2013

African next top model- Oluchi Orlandi

Nigerian supermodel Oluchi Orlandi was in South Africa to launch Africa’s version of Tyra Banks’ Next Top Model TV show. She spoke to Munya Vomo.

‘When I went to America after winning the first M-Net Face of Africa, I struggled,” said Nigerian international model, Oluchi Orlandi, as she tried to hold back her tears. “I want to dedicate the next five to 10 years of my life to giving back to my African community and bringing Africa’s Next Top Model here is the place to start. I may look 22, but I am not, so I can’t keep doing this; someone has to take over from where I have left off,” Orlandi said.
Africa’s Next Top Model will seek out beauties across the continent and have them converge in Cape Town to compete for the job.
“We are trying to have a show that will celebrate the beauty of the diversity of Africa. I have people in New York who said I would never find beautiful women here and that bugs me. I want to change that perception,” she said.
Eight countries will take part in the auditions – Tanzania, Ghana, Mozambique, Angola, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and South Africa. However, all African women are urged to audition and those whose countries are not holding auditions can visit a neighbouring nation to do so.

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