Monday, 29 July 2013

Choose between Justin Bieber or Wizkid spitting on you in public for one million dollars

Celebrities are going 'gaga' these days o. Last time, we heard Justin Bieber spat on his fans from a balcony before his performance some days ago now Wizkid just yesterday poured a glass of wine on his 'fan'.

According to Wale(who has done two collabos with the young blood), Wizkid called his fan 'oloshi' before throwing a drink at him.

 Now that you all are so crazy about this young celebrities(even if its not getting the bieber fever,wizkid is another option), will you let any of them spit on you, your face precisely for a million dollars?

Who exactly will you pick:



  1. God forbid, these children spit on me for one million? O ma se o

  2. I'll have the both if them spit on me.... In public I'll trend

  3. Gosh , poverty at its peak!