Friday, 26 July 2013

Could this be Jesus? by Kehinde Dacosta Lawrence


People get into the real thing not just church church church church! I extracted this from a colleague-Read and enjoy!
Some years ago, I was invited to preach at a church in Atlanta and I went dressed as a homeless man in some dirty clothes, even put a little blood (ketchup) on a bandage and wrapped it over my eye, I was ignored by most, the usher made sure I sat in the back, I sat alone, no one said a word to me, in fact, people avoided me like a plague and when the pastor said he wanted to introduce the guest speaker, the church went quiet cause there was no one at the podium with him, I got up and slowly walked down the isle removing the bandage and to the sounds of people saying ‘JESUS!’ and crying and as I got the mic from the pastor, the whole church was in a frenzy. I went on to ask what kind of religion are we honouring, I preached about the fig tree that JESUS cursed because it looked like it had fruits by deception from afar, because the leaves were there and that was an indication of fruits, but upon getting closer, there were no fruits, much like the church today, they dress up real nice on Sunday, but no fruits, they look good from afar, but no fruits.

Needless to say after service, everyone wanted to greet me and apologize and express how sorry they were, but what if this had been JESUS (please not comparing myself to HIM at all) and there was no second chance for an apology?

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