Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Davido's "thing" is huge- Socialite speaks

Omo baba olowo has done it again. According to reports, aside his superb performance on stage at the Boombaataa Festival in Kenya last weekend; Davido also had a great romp with a Kenyan socialite Staciey Brianar aka Pendo.

In a telephone chat with Ghafla.co.ke, Pendo said the Gobe crooner is the best you never had, that he is much better than your average Kenyan.
Check out the interview below;

Nali: So what is all this wahala about Davido blocking you off of his facebook?
Pendo: If people had done even a little research, they would know Davido does not even have a Facebook account. I NEVER said I was in touch with him through Facebook. I got in touch with him through a good friend of his and that's where everything started. He did the intro.

Nali: So why did you do this? Do you do this for money?
Pendo: (Laughs) No, I didn't get money from him. I didn't WANT money from him. I did it simply cuz I find him hot and he is pretty legit in the music industry in Africa. Yeah, I am attracted by his talent, his fame, his power, but honestly, who isn't? And people are talking so much because a lot of women wanted to be in my shoes, but were not. I'm not afraid to go after what I want.
That's just me. And I am unapologetic for it. I am content that I got what I wanted -which was to know him- and I guess it just naturally progressed from there...

Nali: So was this a one time thing then?
Pendo: No, I would do it again. Gladly, I don't regret it at all.

Nali: Of course you know now I am gonna ask about the "???". Free reign, choose your own words to describe it.
Pendo: He was perfect.

Nali: Nooooooooo, more than that. DESCRIPTION.
Pendo: (Laughing) Ok, ok. Errrrrrrrrrrm, he is much better than your "average Kenyan". He is big. Both length and width. (Giggles) And best part is he REALLY knows what he is working with.

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