Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Do you use tissue paper or water to clean up after doing your business?

We should ask ourselves why Tissues were invented in the first place before thinking about the subject and also analyze different reasons why we see toilet soaps, water and hand dryers in some public toilets. I noticed that tissues dont do the exact work water does after using the loo but both have its disadvantages.While tissues are good in wiping off the last drop of urine in ladies, it also boosts infection that way now making room for private odour.

 Now imagine using water to clean up after urinating or using the loo, its quite hygenic- it leaves that area fresh without remnants of faeces but remember as ladies what happens after using water(First, assuming you had long nails and you used them in wiping that area, are you safe?or would you prefer using your left hand to rinse?? Imagine the wetness of that area after rinsing and how the water drips down to your feet, this is even a worse picture when you are on your period)... or would you sprinkle water on the tissue paper before wiping off?This steps are somewhat complicated. Some people prefer baby wipes but how do you flush that down your toilet repeatedly?

Am not sticking to any pattern. What i know is after using the toilet in the morning, have your bath and wash off that area thoroughly. As girls, you should know that your soaps and faeces should never come in contact with that other area else its gbege for you(big time infection)!

Two is when going out, you should take your hand sanitizer along to cleanse your hands when you are about putting something in your mouth. It comes in different products and small sizes for fitting.

Three is never wash your a-nal area in a public toilet after doing your thing because the water will likely splash back to your private part(s) when rinsing, you know its a public toilet so be careful and take note.

Four is always have your bath mornings and evenings everyday and wash areas that have been covered throughout the day thoroughly.

Five, Maybe sleep naked for fresh air :-) LOL

What a post!

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