Tuesday, 23 July 2013

If you want to loose weight, never starve or skip a meal!

Imagine having to eat five times a day to burn fat. I mean one would think that in order to lose fat you must  decrease  food intake, starve or even skip meals. Hold on a second, this is exactly what has been pulling you back from achieving your fat loss dreams. Yes, in order to burn fat, you must eat at least five times a day! The major rule is to never stuff  yourself in one sitting. In other words, each eating time must be small portion of food.  Not every overweight person is an overeater. 

Some people hardly eat at all and they still can't lose weight. However, many people who are overweight are overeating and this is often the ONLY thing they're doing wrong.  Fat loss requires the discipline and willpower to control your portions at all times. The major rule is to never stuff yourself in one sitting. Instead, always spread out your calories throughout the day in smaller, more frequent meals. Small, frequent meals have an amazing effect on your metabolic rate (fat-burning machine of the body). 
ONE or TWO meals a day is a disaster for fat loss. If you haven't been eating at least three times a day, you are causing a serious damage to your metabolism. Eat THREE meals a day, properly balanced with the right nutritious  foods, and work out hard and you'll get some results. But...you'll get about half the results you'd getfrom five meals a day and it will take you twice as long to get there.FIVE  meals a day? Now we're getting somewhere.  Five meals a day will give you excellent results on a weekly basis for females and six times for males. But the questions are:  1. "What type of foods do I eat 5 times in a day to get results" 2. "What if I have a big tummy, will this eating plan help me trim my tummy?"

Crunches and sit ups will help at least thrice a week, 60 reps:
 Thank me later :-)

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