Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Kate Henshaw Workout tips

Exactly what I thought of doing early next month. Teaching ladies out there how to maintain their figure and grant the requests of those that have mailed concerning fitness tips. Kate Henshaw, my role model in this aspect will release to the world(talking local and international) DVDs concerning her fitness life,"Kate's fit 4 life"
If you are a regular viewer of this blog, you will notice that i emphasized  twice or thrice on Kate Henshaw's body at her age. Asked her on twitter about maintaining a flat tummy on knowing the harmful intake of junks we put in our mouth(especially me lover of chocolates :'-( ),she said crunches and sit ups will do.

The difference between Kate's tips and mine is Kate's fitness routine might be an outdoor thing like using the gym and the likes but mine will be enclosed, just in your balcony or compound and you are done in 15mins(for two months tho).

Stay tuned!

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