Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Rivalry between fat and curvy or slim and sexy girls, ENJOY!

It's a never ending debate.The rivalry is intense.The competition between them is quite high.One is ready to oppress the other till she fades into oblivion.They both have flattering names for them.The fat ones are never called fat.To them,you are being impolite by hitting the nail on the head.In fact they have more flattering names than the other.E.g big bold and beautiful,curvy and voluptuous,orobo toh bad,full figure eight.(too much exaggeration haba).

Skinny ones too take offence to you calling them thin.They prefer the same exaggerated lies as slim shady,slim and sexy,lepa toh bad,trim and slender.Everyone tries to hide their insecurities by fooling themselves.The media is not helping matters too.They equate slim as being young and beautiful.And the men even make matters worse.They marry a fat girl because she's a good wife material and have a slim mistress tucked away somewhere not fit for marriage but a good girlfriend material.(my husband tells me he doesn't like slim girls one bit.*yimu* because I'm fat he doesn't want me to cry LMAO).

Over to you readers- fat or thin?


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