Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Toyin aimakhu says 'God will punish her fans'

Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu  who recently got married took to her twitter handle @aimakhutoyin to condemn what she terms negative criticism faced by people in the entertainment industry.

She tweeted, ‘I don’t undastand anymore, u pple wil insult us to get married after getting married u wil be cursing us dat is jst a year,if the marriage break again u pple will be shouting dat we r irresponsible, anyways any1 who place a curse or say negative words into my home GOD of Abraham,GOD of GOD, ALLAH will place a curse on them and all their lives wil bring negative meaning to pple…’ *dodges curse*

She adds: ‘Blood runs tru our veins and not petrol or diesel,being an actor or actress doesn’t mean we dnt make mistakes,pls kip praying for us…I wil try my best to kip my head up and be the best wife,role model,actress and friend n mother….no more curses or abuse,we r human n nt HOLY SPIRIT…’
The actress then rounded up her series of tweets, saying, ‘I rest my case till another day, for the future I was neva married, dis is my first and only and last marriage till I die…I nid ur prayers to kip me going nt curses…’

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