Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dr SID's lover's ex gets jealous

It seems Simi's ex doesnt wanna accept the fact that he's an ex o. He has been lamenting recently especially when the news circulated of Dr.S.I.D putting "a ring on it"(Simi to be precise)

 Lesson 1: d best things in life are free…but dey often come & go. Hold on 2 wat u have. Don’t be left wif memories & regrets — Landlord|| (@Laolu360) August 8, 2013 Friends come & go. Love fades. But memories would ALWAYS linger… — Landlord|| (@Laolu360) August 8, 2013 Funny story tho. Started wif a bloody summer trip to canterbury. Ended up to be d best I ever had — Landlord|| (@Laolu360) August 8, 2013 I was 16…young & na├»ve…but I still felt d true essence of Love…even if it was 4 d very 1st time ☺ — Landlord|| (@Laolu360) August 8, 2013 Her smile…*sigh*…left me clueless every bloody time — Landlord|| (@Laolu360) August 8, 2013 I remember stayin up on a particular tuesday nite, gistin wif Lola & Tunde. Dey kept goin on & on about hw mch “she” light up my world ☺ — Landlord|| (@Laolu360) August 8, 2013 I tried to fight it. Dey said I wouldn’t win…& dey were right afterall. Love walked quietly in…& brought her along - See more at: HERE

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