Friday, 10 January 2014

A MUST READ FICTION: Friends with Benefits PART 1

He was tall,dark, rich, prim and proper,interesting vocab and mouth watering british accent in a way lol, not stingy but very ugly(God forgive me). I did not notice these qualities until my first *coughs* with him but all of that did not trip me. He was still my friend ;-)

I felt so comfortable with him that anytime we did it and orgasm takes its course, we just lay with our naked bodies discussing and laughing endlessly to our ridiculous jokes and past occurrences.O!!! I was so darn comfortable with no strings attached. There were times he had family issues and he would call me up to get off it, there were times too for meee when i get broke before the end of the month, i call him up for petty cash! It was that simple, Friends With Benefits.

I got pings from him after dinner with my family one thursday evening(after i had subscribed for my BIS to entertain myself in the crazy traffic but no o the crazy **N did not respond) a very looonngg gist but my eyeballs almost popped out when i got to the part where he said "Funmi said YES" Yes ke?. I blinked hard and carefully read his pings again.

Hi FWB darling hehehe,
 how you dey, 
how was work
 hope you didnt spend your tfare on Gala again after the terrible traffic lool,
anywaiz darling,I proposed to that annoying girl we used to talk about. 
Sorry I didnt mention my intentions earlier but she's just what my heart wants asides that girl,tunmi that has been trying so hard to please me with her plenty Kitchen 101 and seductive bla bla bla, Funmi said Yes tho and my family likes her a lot even without having an idea of what she looks like,I will call for more gist"

OMG!!! I screamed so loud with a smile and paused,"am I supposed to be happy" I quickly dialled my FWB's number and requested for the details of everything he sent via BBM. O boi! Congrats, am happy for you( WAS I??).

The day of the wedding drew near and I planned lodging in a hotel next to the venue. I called my FWB and asked him if i could use a room in the hotel where he lodged with his bride-to-be and sure now, he didnt mind.

Friday, I packed my things-Infact it was as if i was moving from my father's house to my husband's house but I didn't mind o before one fuck up in my dress messes my swag up(Girls and fashion*rme*).At 1:17pm,I got to my destination(The HOTEL), I got a room close to the bestman's room(Note:the bestman was too cute abeg lol) and gosh!Funmi was cuter. Funmi was light skined, tall blessed with the greatest assets by God that I began to wonder if clay finished when God was about to complete my own(God forgive me again). I was warmly welcomed and it was a long lunch mode that day. We all sat for lunch, had a few chats and keeping up but funny thing was my Friend's parents were to arrive early hours into town on the D-DAY but we got everything sorted out and it was going to be a blast for me, at least I heard one could hook up with a "reasonable man" at a wedding hehehe.

11:00pm in my room, I was bored, cold and..............................BORED!. Hmm do I chat,sleep or take a look at the hotel environs since I didn't want to disturb "oko" and "iyawo". Woh!I grabbed my phone, unlocked my door, stepped out looking left and right trying to remember where the elevator was, O yea this way!, I shut the door behind me and walked towards the left direction.

The Hotel was big and I Imagined the crowd that was gonna appear the next day, BIG!..

At last, mission accomplished, at least i would have lost 3pounds strolling Back to my room, my phone rung, guess who? my friend! "Ahan why is he calling me this night when iyawo is around" i Picked up about to pull his legs as usual and Immediately, I heard him whisper

FWB: "Baby where are you?"

ME: ---- Me! Baby?!uhn?..

FWB: I need you right now, am dying..

ME: Shut up Horny bat, ho woul-

FWB: Fummi is gone.

ME: ..........

FWB: Funmi and my bestman baby please i need you..

ME:  0_0

I did not phantom the gist(my slow brain) so i hastened my steps to his room and guess what---- i saw my friend seated on the floor, back jammed against the wall, drowning in tears and alcohol.

FWB: Funmi has killed me babe, am a dead man...

ME: What happened (I asked in a shaky voice, kneeling opposite him)

FWB: Funm....funmi....and my best man(he forced a gulp of alcohol) best man and funmi...(he pointed to his phone close to where i was kneeling) I grabbed it sharp sharp, slid for password unlock and this was the message i read within 7 seconds..

"Heart of mine has been for the brain behind us,your bestman. Last night was an appreciation.."

Me: 0_0 Jesus,........WHAT DA....... GAWD!! Are you kidding me 0_0 (now was the time to call her names,afterall she was too pretty so my jealousy BROKE loose), that whore, someone tell me this is a lie!............. As I said this, my friend made a loud cry and wept like a baby. I drew him close to my chest and patted him continuously till there was silence in the room.

FWB: I will pay you 11000pounds if you marry me tommorow.

Me:  0_0 Did that come from the TV (What TV*yimu*)

FWB: Ogechi will you marry me tommorow for 11000pounds?


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