Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Building a better BUTT

Ever since this fitness thing(not like am an expert sha), some girls send mails complaining of sores, pains and practically reduction in their butt and apparently, am not surprised. What some of us don't know is that there are workout routines for each and every part of our body. There are also routines for general fitness but are you doing them right and have you abused some of them? Do you know we have routines to keep our "butts" intact?
I see sports men having rounder and firmer butts and i ask myself why??Not like am not happy with mine o but the "ass effect" mine gives me is somewhat embarrassing. A guy i even dated said there were sachets of pure water in them and it seemed to him as a joke but he didnt know the struggle i had lifting both legs with the heavy "sachets" when walking.

I was made to believe by my faithful friend "google"that the buttocks is formed by a muscle called glutes (maximus, medius and minimus) with a layer of fat(mine would be steaks of lean fat tho) and is best maintained with CARDIO, SQUATS, PLANKS, LUNGES, EATING ENOUGH PROTEIN,THE RIGHT PANTS,MASSAGE, STAYING POSTIVE and HAVING IT IN MIND THAT GENES DIFFER.

Google followed us to 2014, use it and maybe a little challenge will get you motivated.

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