Tuesday, 7 January 2014


OMG! feels good to be back on blogger yipee!! i missed everyone on here. HAPPY NEW YEAR and MERRY CHRISTMAS in arrears....*dusts laptop*
My sincere apologies to those that sent mails, called and texted, I actually promised you guys to be back before December 2013 but due to the hustle on the streets and the challenging year, I broke my promise but man no die, man no ROTTEN, we made it to 2014(our year).
2013 was so yamayama in a way for me but God took control and turned disappointments to blessings. 2013 still rings alot in my mind that i sometimes mistake the last number in 2014 for 3.

Half of people around the world made resolutions last week o. Some of these resolutions were centred on spending more time with family, being faithful in a relationship (coughs), drawing closer to God, and some made a resolution that has to do with weight loss. Let’s be realistic: most of us are lazy and procrastination has become our shadow. Why do we then keep going through this process year after year?

No need to beat yourself up over the fact that you’re a failure, though. Good news is, its okay to fail resolutions since we can’t flog ourselves. I don’t mean to discourage anyone but here is why those resolutions won’t work.
Lose 15kg? You probably made this goal out of feelings of shame, self-loathing, and body image issues. The sad part of it all is, it took you the last three weeks to pile on so much weight and it might take you the next eleven months to lose it. How will you keep your words when you dread the gym as much as you dread mondays? When you spent the holidays going from one neighbour’s house to another all in the name of ‘Christmas food’? When your treadmill at home has become a sort of wardrobe where you toss your dirty clothes and bags? How about the appetising aroma from the restaurant close to your house that won’t let you stick to your 1000 calories max consumption per day?
I don’t know about you but I am really trying to live a sort of life where my unfulfilled spirit won’t have to roam the earth from one kitchen to another when my body is six feet below because I denied myself that grilled chicken all in the name of dieting(made up my mind to turn vegetarian sef). But I no go lie u, Chicken republic made me go astray, after having their chicken wings on the 31st, I was the same person pricing one kilo of chicken on the 1st day of this year at ketu market lol.

Realized later that one doesn’t just become a vegetarian just like that…it’s a gradual process but as time goes by, we will be dealing with veggies diet.

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

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