Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Foul odor in the Vagina: Possible causes and Elimination

A girl once told me in school that eating groundnuts and scrubbing the privates with fragrant body soaps(like you'r washing your jeans) increases the stench from a girl's veejay. Other causes could be having sex and not cleaning up immediately thereby giving the harmful bacteria in that area the time to perform its wonders. (This is so wrong sef, why you no go baff after them on dig hole tire for your body?).
This annoying foul odor also comes a day after, when a girl completes her menstrual cycle for the month and wears the wrong pant material thereby avoiding ventilation. I remember one valentine period where my girlfriend was given a particular "vaginal wash"by her bobo, we were all embarrassed ehnn and the thing was, she was on the big side, physically neat and pretty :( but down there oh no!!
Another is having sex complying with MISSIONARY 1, where the guy who is on top mistakenly puts it in your butt then back to your vagina(eewww) and not mindful of  the "bacteria he would have moved from your anus to your vagina".

This post is a reminder of being fair to who created you-God. As they say, Cleanliness is next to Godliness so are there possible ways of avoiding fish smell down there.


-Instruct Oga not to cum inside you so you wont smell like a dead fish. Urinate and wash immediately after sex with lukewarm water and a mild soap.

-Soak yourself in vinegar at least once in two weeks. If this is not possible, pour vinegar into your lukewarm bath water and wash yourself properly. I did not say scrub o, i said wash, and avoid the complicated fragrant body washes and soaps.

-The vagina sweats too so avoid tight fitting clothes and pants and have your bath twice in a day.

-Change pads regularly. Dont use one pad or tampoon as some of us know it to be for one day throughout(pad is just 120bucks, i don't know about Tampoon LMAO)

-Include garlic in your diet because it is a strong antibiotic.

-Take alot of fresh leaves and fruits daily, it works.

-Wash your undies regularly with mild detergents and spread directly under the sun to dry.

-Thank me later. hehehe

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