Sunday, 19 January 2014

Last week(SUMMARY)

Whoo hoo, Happy Sunday guys! Its 10:46pm right now, am sure before this post comes up, it would have been 11pm(too much details o)!

Work has been whew for me tho clients have minimized their visit or is it the month "JANUARY?" that has been unfriendly??grrrrrr..... sha shaa, a lot has happened in our society this week, like ermmmm Maje Ayida who finally said 'I do' to Toke Makinwa,

  Jesse Jagz new lover---Teshioma Carter(Naija's finest female rapper and ex "RUN" student),
Davido's fling pregnant for him, gist say she's 4 and a half months gone!!!(see GOBE),
BUT---------------------------it was a rumour, no vex hehehe:
 Nun gives birth, says she didn't know she was pregnant.........  -_- seriously was she supposed to be pregnant in the first place???,
How bloggers "am not part of them" destroyed Naija's comedienne, Princess' marriage,

Magic COW in India cures baldness and diseases with its PISS..Wow!
Anyways to the gist...... have started earning testimonies(this I know) but what I don't know is why you guys have refused to comment :( !

There is this new routine for one month I have been working with(tho in one of my new year resolutions, i agreed with my body to transform to a vegetarian but ehnn..), am not on the big side so dieting and transforming to one veggie eater is not really necessary but a necessity i have to work with.

- If you are FAT(apologies), diet and workout.
-You are moderate but want to keep fit or have abs, eat healthy three times a day(before 6pm) and workout thrice a week to build muscles, keep the muscles intact and burn calories(unwanted fat). Remember you don't workout to be thin, you workout to be FIT!

So the routine now is working with the different types of planks and crunches with two different positions for two weeks and having enough fibre, water, smoothies and veggies in my system.

According to Wikipedia, Crunch, is a common abdominal exercise that focuses on the obliques and rectus abdominis. These are different images you could work with using 30reps day and night for at least three days a week.

PLANKS Strengthens the abdominis, back and shoulders but I take God beg you don't try this if you are on medical grounds(jogging is your friend instead).

Been able to achieve something :), I'll show you all this weekend. Have a fantastic week and be blessed.

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