Thursday, 9 January 2014

On a Lighter Mood: Did you try this at school?

 Frustration would have eaten Sophie in Literature exam back then in Secondary School(2006) when Mr. John's first question was "What is Literature?".Even if Sophie did not hve an idea of the answer, She would have scribbled "Literature is life" but what my friend wrote was "The answer is in my nose" LMAO. Then ehn, we were not laughing at all because we saw that response as rudeee! She was the subject of discussion in the next P.T.A meeting lol
These days, its a different ball game:

A student who realised he didn’t know the correct answer in his biology exam decided to give a response that was part-disillusioned slacker, direct/honest and part-lovesick teenager.
‘I have to be honest with you, I didn’t go over this problem last night and didn’t pay attention to it in class yesterday. I do not care about this, I don’t even like science. But I do like you and I don’t want to ruin our friendship,’ wrote the student in the space given for his answer.

He continued: ‘Since I do not know this, I have a question for you. I just started texting this girl and I know she thinks I’m cute but I don’t really know how to start a conversation with so I was wondering if you have any ideas. Well that’s all for now Mr. J but we will keep in touch.’
As if that wasn’t excellent enough, the teacher, Mr J, responded with an even better comeback when he got down to marking the exam.
‘Impress her by talking about how atmospheric nitrogen can be used to age artifacts. Works for me every time,’ he wrote.
One of Mr J’s current students posted the whole exchange on Reddit three weeks ago, after their class asked him what the funniest answer he’d ever seen on a test was.

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