Friday, 10 January 2014

Romance: Toni Payne's opinion

Toni Payne kicks off her first episode of her podcast,Everything Toni Payne.In this first episode,she's giving advise to the men on 10 romantic things you can do for your woman.You can catch up with her website every Friday on
Here are the 10 things 9ice' ex wife listed for the men.

10 Romantic Things To Do For Her
10-Full body massage
9-PDA (Public display of affection)
8-Romantic notes
6-A romantic getaway
5-Take a walk
4-Helping out around the house
3-Flowers & gifts
2-Be creative

Lmaooo la la land.This girl has turned oyinbo finish. Just number 10 and 1 will work for a typical Nigerian man.

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