Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Transactional relationships in Nigeria

I dont know why i chose this post title and i dont know who they are, what i think i know is sex associated with the duo in a bad way.

Going through different blog posts yesterday, i "jammed" a tweet from OAP Presenter's boo, Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi(hope i didnt murder the name *whew*!) who said IF A GUY SPENDS MONEY ON YOU, YOU DON'T OWE HIM SEX and this made me remember Douglas market in a particular eastern state(name witheld) where i got a ring and married myself because of the incident that happened the precious day.

Your girl was a corps member serving in one of the expensive eastern states like that and on her way from CDS under the scorching sun, a range rover slowly stops and she turns and sees the glass was slowly moving down and a deep sigh of my helper has come relieved me, i forced a smile and  Expecting to see a handsome young dude who was ready to release me from the captivity of the sun, was a wrinkled man with a shivering smile and a pot belly struggling with the wheel shouting with one accent i couldn't phantom.
"Hey bebe nwayoma let me 'carry' you to ya dest-ti-nae-tion, you are a beautiful mormii (mummy) who doesn't need to be flogged by the sun"...I swear if i had a cane, i would gladly handover to "the sun" to "flog" me WELL than enter that "RAGE HOVER",- chai!!! thing that baffled me was when he said(in that accent) "ok i will pay you later tonight if me and you do that thing in my guest house opposite hia, am a big boy,am da boss..!

Two things--I stood there listening to all that britibotic accent!, second, the guy was toasting me in his fully airconditioned car why I stood under the sun like a dedicated security woman who lost her job.

I dream of a world where women have a say, where if she's horny, she pays a guy, satisfy herself and never calls him again and not a transactional relationship or friendship that will deface a woman's honor!! I had to buy that ring to scare dogs like that away and it practically did NOT work because men in that state always wanted to dig every hole available. My family prayers worked especially the touch not my anointed part, Praise the lord. :)

O well back to the gist, I support Gbemi to bits but you will be suprised the response she got afterwards.
The hustle hard gaan lol

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