Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I was confused yesternight. I figured i wasnt saying things right on my blog like news...mehn! i had to read the latest news everytime like two hours interval and summarize to you guys, yea fine-its all about creativity in doing so but do i really have time to go through seven or eight or 20 news websites(maybe am lazy, maybe am not)but naaa it was getting somewhat boring at my end.

So i sat down yesterday and thought about CREATIVITY, sometimes a person can find it hard pin pointing his or her favorites, hobbies, likes and even talents SOOOMMEETTIIMMEESS

I tried putting mine together, hm..I love my bodie, i love photography,light, poise, pictures(loool, forget the image on my blog), i love food, fashion, fitness, gists too, maybe i should continue writing and my daily posts will act as my vote as to what i really wana concentrate on, thats a nice one!

I woke up this morning hale and hearty, normal gist, went through the fashion news and stumbled on kate henshaw, she blew my mind, a single mother with this body? ---FYI Nigerians are going places now o, saw in the news also that Omotola Jalade Ekehinde topped TIMES MAGAZINE 100 influential people in the world, Always loved her.

Back to Kate sha, I never was a freak of her until i saw her physique recently on Wow magazine, yea she wowed me! Kate looked sexy in that lovely skin color, physique and dress.

I said to myself - kate(41) never went under knives getting this body o, she never botoxed, ATAL,
VERY OBVIOUS, see her face na, unlike the other one. Now as fat as my bag of rice, not even had a child with that weight. That smile on kate's face is one to reckon with, she's a happy and jovial person anyday anywhere anytime but a girl has her principles tho and remember having a smile on your face is an exercise also(makes the face look more beautiful and reduces wrinkles)

To get Kate's body, you just need the basics you know, visit the gym regularly(morning and night), watch what you eat, avoid harsh cream and too much make-up products on your skin, take enough water and have faith. Believe in yourself when working out, never doubt getting a weight loss, you tend to give up easily. Kate allows her facial appearance tell stories for her, she's a naturale. Not much makeup like eyeshadows which might cause dark upper eye for you, just simple lipgloss color, moderate dark and brown pencils, very simple simple things.

Why dont you keep with what you know and not what is trending. Yes, you might decide to have a botox done but do you know the consequences, you might decide o yea, this herbal slimming drug will act faster than my working out sessions, REALLY?!

You know what is right, am sure you do so stick to it like Kate did.

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