Monday, 27 May 2013


Yea, its the only day parents have quality time for their children today. What do you do as a parent today, hmmmm, the regular movie thingg they do everytime, the buying of gifts,really?(is that all), o! lets go see your friends in their homes, orrr...???

Am not a mother yet but will be a mother soon in 3years thereabout, If I were you, My quality time today with my child or children will be a memorable one You know children dont forget fun things easily so il make out time for:

-Making breakfast together either by baking or making their favorite dish.

-Shopping at fun children boutiques with my camera in hand, il make my child do different poses with different dresses she puts on making him or her feel very special.

-Yes i will have to take them to visit their friends. I might not leave them and start gossiping with my girlfriend, we just decide.... Lets go visit an orphanage or an educative seminar/show!

-Then have a heart to heart talk during dinner in an exquisite place that him or her would not forget in a jiffy.

-Sharing moments together about what happened earlier that day or what has happened before.

NOTE: I will start this with them when they are 3years and above but for 1-2, they be treated with the same treatment routine they get everyday, who says everyday isnt Children's day for them, LOL.

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