Friday, 21 June 2013

Fitness tips and why i love my cucumber

These are simple and motivational tips to keep you up and going and why I LOVE MY CUCUMBER, you get to know when you read down below.

After my morning workout on Wednesdays, I stick to drinking 2cups of water and taking diced cucumber. As water nourishes the skin through the release of unwanted bacteria, Cucumber does same and more.

I remember when i cut my hair early last year due to the everyday stress of styling, relaxing, getting the right cream bla bla bla, it didnt really pay off because i was in my place of service(NYSC) and hardly had time for myself.
Now am totally a fitness freak, I hardly miss the basic and hard tips of keeping fit and eating properly. In my research early this year, I figured i needed to put in cucumbers as my midweek intake. Here's what i got from my research.
-I learnt that Cucumber grow hair and nails.its dietary fibre helps the teeth and gums.
-Takes care of the skin,kidney care(promoting urine),normalizes bloodpressure.
-Relieves hangover, aids protein digestion,eliminates tapeworm

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