Friday, 21 June 2013


It's being reported that rapper Kanye West and his reality star girlfriend Kim Kardashian have named their brand-new baby, born this weekend, Kaidence Donda West. Donda was Kanye's late mother's name.

Now checking my dictionary for what KAIDENCE means..or I should check the internet. Please not getting the meaning but here's what sources gathered-On, it is said that the name "Cadence" is a "a rhythmic flow of sounds, as in a poem or a marching song". This would make sense for music artist and daddy Kanye and why should celebrities give their children weird names?

It is gathered that the first baby pictures of the parents will cost 5million dollars. You get their account smiling because of their baby pictures- Beat that!

NOTE: When i write in courier you should know that the post might be a rumor and confirmation definitely comes in newer posts, we are gisting remember? ;-)

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