Saturday, 22 June 2013

Importance of RED WINE

Do you know that drinking dry red wine rich in flavonoids helps the body resist viruses, cancer, cardiovascular disease and allergies? No am sure you did not know, what you only knew was the benefit of red wine was for the heart alone.

According to Paracelsius a swiss physician in the 16th century, he said:" wine is food, a medicine and poison-it's just a question of dose and can harm our health if abused.At least one should be able to do with three glasses a day or for women, two a day. Here's is what we expect from the intake of red wine:
-Like i said earlier, red wine contain flavonoids that prevent cancer.
-Helps the body be in a stress-free mode.
-Stimulates the immune system
-Anti-bacterial activity
-Reduces the stickiness of blood platelets and helps blood vessels remain open and flexible.
-They lower blood pressure
-It contains polyphenols that helps lower cholsterol in the heart.

So raise your glasses up and cheers to the good life.

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