Monday, 17 June 2013


Lasgidi can never be dull in a second, its either there's fun or hustling activities somewhere,somehow- anytime, we all partake 65% in the latter because obviously, if you can make it in LAGOS, you can make it anywhere even in the thickest bush.

On the media nowadays, we see alot of celebrity pictures and the mishaps in their fashion style. Today, I decided to pick Oge okoye and Annie macaulay idibia and see how their stylists have taken them beyond the red carpet to why we should or shouldn't copy their sense of style.

These celebrities have one thing in common-WOMANHOOD, and its quite impressive how they have managed to prevent the normal swollen tummy women have after childbirth. Fashion is many things to different people but i wonder why their stylists threaten them on what to wear for every event they are invited to(assuming tho).

Personally, if am to stumble on any red carpet event, i watch out for the flaws and disasters but not that of Oge and Annie's, will i say money miss road? Now analyze:

These beauties have fabulous things to offer physically with their pose,skin color,body structure and the likes  but why wow your fans with wrinkled foreheads? WHY?
Who do you think wore it better here:

As for Oge, was the bag compulsory? Check out the rest..

These pictures make me laugh, what was ann thinking infact what were they thinking....??LMAO

That smile on annie's face was meant for oge asin check out the 3piece dress and tell me why they never photoshopped her forehead, i see veins everywhere.. Oge's striking pose created a statement, yoppie mom ;)

These are my best pics of them, i know they can do my eyes on both of you :-)

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