Monday, 17 June 2013


According to the belief in false lashes, it dazzles the look of the eyes and speaks more volume than the natural ones.I started wearing false lashes in my university days and trust me, it became an addiction. I couldnt do without them and in the absence of my stylist, I would risk paying the roadside beauticians 200 to 500 naira in fixing them. I wasnt cool with the whole itching and "peppery" effect i got from the cheap glue they used, infact the first day i tried them, the optician was my god.I even started hiding my swollen eyes with blue and black eyeliners, more harm.

As stubborn as i was, i still went ahead and patronized them. Guess what happened after two weeks--- the lashes did not go off even with the aid of my coconut oil and olive oil.I even prayed on the olive oil and applied it again on the false lashes before i went to bed and glory be to God, they were set loose lol.'

The top of my eyes were swollen to a fault that i chose to use ice packs and ointment to refrain from scratching and also wear goggles at night to prevent itching and more importantly, minimize fixing of false lashes and if necessary, would go the the experts who charge high prices and make do of non-peppery glue.

Studies show that repeated use of eyelash extensions can cause TractionAlopecia, a condition where the hair falls out due to excessive tension placed on the hair shaft. As a result, this can damage the hair follicle. Using potent chemicals on the eyelashes make them fall out more quickly than they naturally would. While the life span of a lash is normally about five months for a new one to take its place, artificial eyelashes causes the eyelashes to shed two months after the procedure. Not only would it make the eyelashes become noticeably sparser, they may become brittle as well and break off, appearing much shorter.
Therefore, i make use of TARA MASCARA for a scanty and elongating effect. Keep it simple.

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