Friday, 19 July 2013

Amaechi would rather be an orphan than be Patience Jonathan's son

If Amaechi was a "bad" nigga back in the days in Port Harcourt, he could have end up marrying a lady that is about 7 years older than him. And our First Lady is "just" 7 years older than Amaechi...

Apologies to Ms Toyin Lawani, who is set to marry a boy that is about 10 years her junior, but can First Lady Patience Jonathan comfortably claim that Governor Rotimi Amaechi is her son?

If a lady can get married to a "boy" she is 10 years older than and people are saying it's ok, why then should a woman describe a man she's just 7 years older than as "my son".

Or, could be it be that madam was joking when she said "Amaechi is my son"?

Lmao @Olufamous

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