Monday, 22 July 2013

Virgin Mary's apparition in church and other stories..

This weekend didnt go well for me at all i mean i lost a friend who slept and never woke up. Its just so suprising how good people die nowadays, very sad-may his soul R.I.P.(i had to mourn the dead so i skipped two days, my apologies)

News have it that Virgin Mary's apparition appeared in St. Benedict Catholic church in Benin. Strange but look at this picture- what do you see-
Am not a catholic so i have no comment in this matter and guess what!- the royal baby is on its way already. The world awaits.

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  1. For the fact you are not a catholic doesn't mean anything, turn it round Catholics has the largest number of people as a church. From the pics you can see that they are happy in seeing whatever they saw.