Saturday, 13 July 2013

Selly of Big brother, the std gist!

I laughed yesterday die like say tomorrow no dey when someone defined STD as Selly Transmitted Disease, LMAO!*wipes tears. Maybe this"the chase" is the most dramatic of all editions, what will i not hear ah!

In the BIG BROTHER HOUSE yesterday, Nando told Bimp that Selly gave him a STD and was immediately attended to by BIG BROTHER via medication and was warned never to touch Selly without a condom, such disgrace!

After walking up and down naked in the house, who would have known that there were stuff crawling in her veins? I pitied her at a point because Nando called her out on her arena failure right before everyone telling them to nominate her out!*That Nando irritates me personally, the curses on Nando i read on Ghana blogs today can raise the dead. I guess Selly has learnt her lesson that you just drink water and close your legs when one is sex starved.

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