Saturday, 13 July 2013


Wedding bells, smiles and laughter from different locations in the world today, different cultures, food, people bonding together celebrating love. Halle Berry is one of them!

I don’t do weddings that much but from the few I’v attended, I figured there is this strong bond plus "hot tears of joy" between father and daughter especially before handing over from father to son-in-law and sometimes the thought of the wedding night from the father's perspective lol.
These are great moments because love is acknowledged in both parties, husbands feel like super heros on their weddings you know lol, its just great!

Incase you don't know what to wear today, this is a review on how to play with your fabrics especially ankara so you don't be stranded next time, as for now, go with something subtle with simple accessories and a matching bag.  Heels too!

Try short gowns sewn with ankara in different styles like this- you know for this lenght, your legs should be spotless, your knee caps toned with the color of your skin and a bit of shine on your legs will be perfect.(NO STRECTH MARKS) 

You could pick a shoe and bag color from your material to give your appearance an adoring look, i think the same material on bags and shoes are not trending like it used to but if you insist on wearing that look, keep it classy.

Wearing the lenghty dress like these,
 Your lenghty ankara dress shouldnt be too simple and too stuffed up. Simple cuts with combining different materials to your dress is perfect and since the dress embodies all areas from your bust to your knee or legs, shapy cuts (to bring out your figure) would be nice. Enjoy!

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