Sunday, 7 July 2013

Your butt cheek pimples

Getting rid of butt cheek pimples is basically simple. We that care so much about fitness notice that after sweating profusely for weeks, there are pimples on our butt cheeks alongside our elbows and sometimes knee sides,especially those annoying pimples that contain sweat.

For the butt cheeks, mind the material of underwear you put on. Our butt is one area that doesn’t have the free access to air unlike our armpits and its quite unfortunate that people wear awkward underwear materials to cover the bum. What you need today is the 100% cotton material to aid air passage. Butt Cheeks pimples can also be as a result of too much sitting and to get rid of them in this form, you need to bathe with hot water and use an antibacterial soap for the infected area and be sure to towel dry properly(this is applicable to other areas that have this unusual acne-the elbow and knee sides).

I am not a doctor but its what I know works that am letting out, the thing am not really sure of is if this anti-bacterial soap works for pimples on the face so am not saying much on that. What I want you to know is if you have pimples on your face as a result of menstrual signs and weather conditions, don’t try using a harsh soap or cream, it will dry off itself. People with painful pimple(s) on their faces should see a dermatologist or personal doctor for treatment, forget the banana, baking powder, lime and honey kind of treatment, people just want to sell their sites! Health meets Beauty- See a doctor today

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