Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Legs closed ASSISTANT madamme!!

2014 is a year of possibilities, reformation and being in charge. Its a year where you make up your mind on something and act fast, its a year to turn deaf to foolish talks, a year to avoid time wasters, cut out friends that will encourage you in front and back stab you behind, a year to control your purging mouth and a year to work hard and spend wisely. A year to close those legs for any Alhaji and a year to aspire to be greater than Alhaji.
Some have agreed not to get married this year while some are still trying hard to win his/her heart. Some have gotten engaged twice or thrice and turned their jewelry box to an engagement ring museum while some are still playing ASSISTANT MADAMME *scratches disc* yes ASSISTANT madamme.

Yea it would have being the routine of 2013 to help someone's husband satisfy his sexual needs and scrub his back and all of that plenty lustful romance(when he is digging your hole without pity of his weight mshew), but have you dimmed it fit to ask if it is the repercussion of not getting a husband on time, Maybe God is punishing you for sleeping with a married man/woman?
Now is the time to beat your chest and say to yourself, I refuse to be a fool!!!Now is the time to fix your hair, nails and lashes to feel good(not for a man), to loose weight/keep fit for yourself(not for a man), to work for your money(and collect from cheerful givers without a price), to be in charge of any married man who tells you "i react to my wedding ring that's why i don't wear it", to eat good food when "Mr Reactor" takes you out for lunch(talking about adding swallows and the likes to your diet),to be prayerful and ask God for forgiveness(his mercy endureth forever), no time wasters, don't act as a best friend advising Mr. Married man on what to do in his marriage, you are not a counsellor and even if you are, advise yourself(LEGS CLOSED)
If you must date a married man, have it in mind that what goes around comes back around so be strong for the consequences.#sigh

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