Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Ten things a Nigerian girl should have in her PURSE

Its simple. Its worth it, you know where you are headed and you know what you need, you might want to include panties and other "ngongwo" but these are the essentials:

1. Make-up kit
It is very necessary for a girl to have a white/brown/red/orange or pink powder in her bag depending on whatever suits her, a lipstick/ lip balm, an eyepencil.and also a hairband. Emergency can happen anytime and you might need your makeup to arrange your face well.

2. Vex Money/ATM Card
Except your father owns a car wash company and you are good at washing cars, only then you depend on your atm for cash in a cab especially.If I were you, i will pack some money from my house like this
and put inside my purse(thats how vex money appears). To avoid disappointments from crazy banks and their atm machines and P.O.S, you are safe with at least 2000naira in your purse.

3. Mobile Charger
For girls that ping their buttons off from their phones, make sure you have a mobile charger that keeps you safe. Even 3G from our unfaithful networks kill our batteries, so GET A MOBILE CHARGER TODAY.

4. Notepad and pen
For those girls that do the blind date thing till date, grab your pen and notepad for address details o because your battery life might disappoint your life. Notepads sef fit help you scribble numbers sent to you when your blind Nokia phone is the only option for communication.

5.Mirror and Dental floss
These two work hand in hand for me especially when I go on a date to calabar kitchen and am giving alot of grasses and leaves to chew, then after eating and my partner tries to crack me up, i just smile like i have botox done on my face.

You simply excuse yourself, go to the ladies and do your thang, not just continue smiling sheepishly.

6. Condom
E fit hook you anywhere so Condom and not condoms biko. You could help your bobo when he doesn't have.

7.Hand Sanitizer/ Deodorant
Your hands should smell fresh and be bacteria free before and after using the toilet. Hand Sanitizers are essential when you just wanna grab that roasted corn or gala snack on the road.

8. Breath Mints or Mint Gums
Not only did google follow you as a faithful friend to 2014, ORBIT and VICKS also did :)

9.Pads and Wipes
When nature calls, you are safe.

10. Your Bible
Let his presence be with you always both spiritually and physically.

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